About me

Who am I?

I'm a design consultant and recent grad of Stanford's Learning, Design, & Technology Master's program. I practice user-centered design and hope to find a career where this is strong component.


How I got into design: I originally got into design during undergrad at Stanford, when I discovered there was a major that would combine my love of visual arts and math. I ended up pursuing a B.S. in Product Design. (Previously, I'd had no idea what I would do after spending my junior year of high school at a pre-professional fine arts school, and my senior year as president of the math team.)

Working history: After graduation, I explored jobs which required some understanding of users in order to design for them, from market research, to advertising, to customer operations. I learned a lot from each of these, but knew I needed something with an even stronger design component; this is when I started to pursue my two favorite things:

  • UX, via Google 20% projects, internships, and consulting work
  • Product Management to drive the entire product design lifecycle, via Google projects and most recently, a role at Intent Media

Companies where I've worked:

  • Google
  • Intent Media
  • Mercantila
  • Internships and consulting work: AltSchool, Sliced Bread Design, Fluent City, Lyncean Technologies, Noodle


Other Services

  • Generative User Research
  • Interaction Design
  • Engineering
  • Usability Testing

Other skills: Product management, project management, quantitative research and statistics including basic SQL and R, vendor management, Spanish and French proficiency

Just for fun

I like making my own costumes. Here are a few for you to check out:

Apu, Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons.

Some favorites from Finding Nemo.

Characters from Clue.

Toy Story comes to the office.